A New Phase in My Writing Experience

This year, I’m rediscovering writing.  Writing creatively, that is, and using writing to explore and understand the world around me.  Last week, I decided to stop pursuing jobs, and start pursuing a vocation.  I woke up on a Friday and instead of wanting to go to work, I wanted to write.  I wanted to sit down  at my desk at 6 am, coffee brewing, fingers on the keyboard, ready to go.  I didn’t want to go into any office or go to any meeting – I simply wanted to write.

I think that deep down, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  The dilemma is how to get paid for it.  For starters, I need to just write – not only here on nightclicker, but anywhere I can showcase both my fiction and non-fiction work.

Enter AskMissA.com, an online magazine for women, and with it, an opportunity to cover Art & Cultural events in NYC.   I applied for the position with a post I’d written for The Rising Sirens Blog, legal articles, and StoopScoopNYC.com (I’ll probably do other posts on Rising Sirens, but I’m thinking of re-vamping StoopScoopNYC).  I got the assignment, and was stoked to start my first article. Yes, the one that made me want to wake up at 6 am to start “working.”

I’ve written two so far – one on the upcoming Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met; the other on the Picasso exhibit at the MoMA.  Needless to say, I’m benefiting from this assignment in more ways than one.  I’m exploring and seeing all the beautiful artistic and cultural delicacies that I take for granted as a native New Yorker; I learn more about the incredibly talented minds behind the art; and I get to write about them. Hopefully I can continue to hone my writing and editing skills, and maybe make a living doing what I love one day.


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