Cheating on the WIP

The WIP and I became a couple on March 1st. It had seduced me with its come-hither gaze and promises of a lively, entertaining life together.

Needless to say, the love affair hasn’t gone all that well. Granted, we’ve only been together for, what, three weeks? You wouldn’t expect trouble in paradise this early, but the WIP can be draining and demanding. He wants a piece of me on a daily basis, and he wants it at night when I really should be in bed with my husband. He wants our rendezvous to be imaginative, fun, and lengthy, while I fight the urge to park my ass on the couch and channel surf. He gives me great highs: I go to places I’ve never been to before with him. But sometimes, the WIP bores me. And so, I’ve started cheating.

Yes, I cheat on the WIP. I don’t have one affair. I have many affairs. My affairs are not all writing affairs (e.g., human relationships, dancing, making costumes), but the writing affairs are probably my favorite ones! Here are just some of my lovers (in no particular order):

  • Indie Ink Writing Challenge: I signed up for this week’s Indie Ink Writing Challenge and have a great prompt from my Challenger. I will happily spend hours cheating on the WIP while in bed with this lovely temptress.
  • A Website for Women: I find myself surfing the Net for shows/events in NYC to write about for another website. I love that I have to get out there and experience new forms of creativity on a weekly basis. It only makes me love the WIP more, I swear!
  • Creative Everyday: This month’s Creative Everyday theme is “the nest.” I spent the first week clearing my nest, getting it ready for the WIP. It quickly piled up with items the WIP loves (notebooks, pencils, index cards, a copy of Poets & Writers). Now scissors, water bottles, old contracts, and even a tape measure sit on top of the WIP’s favorite things (bad, I know).
  • The Blog: Oh yeah, I love cheating on the WIP with nightclicker. I surf the web for html codes (notice the purple?), play with the theme late at night, tinker with the layout, etc. I also surf other writer’s blogs for inspiration. And I’m even thinking of starting another blog.

I’m sorry to say I have no shame in cheating on the WIP. I give it more time than I’ve ever given any other writing project. I love it, I really do. But sometimes, a girl just needs to have a fling (or two) to keep things interesting.


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2 responses to “Cheating on the WIP

  • Jenn B-H

    Oh, I regularly cheat on my collection. With many, many other works. Especially flash fiction, a new love shall I say that is in direct competition? Nah! The collection and I are destined. Just as you and your WIP are. Congrats on the union and on those many writing dalliances. 😉
    You know I also like doing the prompts from Writer’s Digest. In their bi-monthly magazine they have one that usually requires you to write a story in 750 words or less. Plus they have a bunch on their website too.

    Take care!

    • MelissaR

      Yes, I’m actually working on a Writer’s Digest prompt this week! Hopefully I’ll get it done by the weekend, or incorporate it in the Indie Ink Challenge. Clearly having too many love affairs, but at least I’m writing 🙂

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