Getting Ready for VONA 2011

Tonight, I’m flying out to California, a few days before I start my residency with M. Evelina Galang at the Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation. I’ll spend a week at Berkeley with other writers of color working to develop their craft.

I am very excited to get guidance and feedback from Ms. Galang. She has a strong connection to her roots and to the challenges faced by Filipina women. I’ve found that my WIP and other shorter works focus on the women in my life, their struggles, and the impact their Peruvian heritage and culture has on their decisions.

While my writing isn’t exclusively limited to these themes, my WIP has taken on a life of its own. Unlike some of my other work, I feel very much compelled to see it through to the end. I’m sure other writers have felt like this before – the characters and the story demand to be told, and the telling of it is really beyond our control. I hope this upcoming week will help strengthen not only the story, but my ability to tell it.

I’ll keep you all posted! In the meantime, happy writing!


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