VONA 2011: Day 3

I’m going to try to keep today’s post short because I gots homework due mañana!!  Okay, honestly, I’m probably not going to work on it anymore tonight (def tomorrow AM), but I want to veg out to Otaku ASSEMBLE‘s Game of Thrones finale review.

Today’s highlights were a discussion of Bienvenido Santos’s “The Day the Dancer’s Came,” a publishing seminar by the faculty, and Team Galang bonding over pitchers of mango margaritas. I really need to get a camera ASAP so I can capture these fun and amazing moments!

The Day the Dancer’s Came

What Stood Out for Me

  • Beautiful language – some of the paragraphs melted like butter.
  • Unfulfilled character in search of some sort of connection or link back to who he was or wanted to be.
The Discussion
  • Tension is what the character thinks vs. what the character is – reality vs. fantasy.
  • No need to translate language – you can (and should) create it in context.
  • Think outside of the traditional story structure when shaping your story.
Ask Yourself
  • Do I need this scene? If I lay out my index cards and pull out a scene, does it change anything? If yes -> I need it. If no -> take it out.
  • Pick a book and consider what is the “shape” of the story in that book.
  • Who is my protagonist? What does she want? How/what am I going to throw at her to keep her from getting what she wants?
I’m ending tonight with just a sample of the memorable quotes from the publishing seminar. VONA is full of quotable quotes, and if I could record everything that comes out of these people’s mouths I would!
  • What is “platform”? – on building one.
  • You know, um, what’s her name, Tila Tequila? We have the same publisher. – on their varied tastes.
  • The thing about art is that it can be a fucking movie and a dishwasher. – I think it was in response to poets trying to write sci-fi novels, or something like that… 

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One response to “VONA 2011: Day 3

  • Jenn Baker-Henry

    Glad you’re having an amazing time and learning so much and building in this community! keep the posts short so you can keep enjoying it! Can’t wait to read more when you return! Enjoy!

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