VONA 2011: Day 5 Finale

To VONA and all the writers, poets, artists that I can now call family – THANK YOU! Thank you for an amazing, insightful, life-changing week.

A very special thanks to:

  • Evelina, for giving me the new tools in my arsenal.
  • Junot, for showing me it’s okay to use ‘fuck’ as a comma.
  • Staceyann, for telling me that it’s not my fault.

And to the heart of the week – to my fellow Team Galang divas! Thank you for the double-axels, 3rd violins, cold-cutty car rides, fellow fly girls, jam cookies, hella’s, and for coming from so far away to share your stories. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the ‘drama’ and for making this experience one of the most illuminating of my life.  Thank you for being the new “Voices” in my world and for putting on the best fucking performance in VONA history!


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