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This week’s Indie Ink Challenge comes from Supermaren. The challenge: go to the Shops at Columbus Circle, take a picture of a bronze sculpture, and write a piece about it.

The sculptures are actually Dali, which I had seen a few weeks ago. Since I also wanted to work on a rondeau, I decided to write one inspired by the Dalinian Dancer. My  picture doesn’t do the sculpture justice, but it symbolizes the intensity and passion of dance in general and of course flamenco specifically.

Some quick words on the rondeau. It is a poem comprised of three stanzas with the following scheme:

a/a/b/b/a/refrain (the first word or phrase of the poem becomes the refrain).

I think I will continue to work on this poem. Thoughts and feedback are always appreciated! And you can check out Sir’s response to my challenge here.



For every step on the wooden stage, I must let all lay bare,
But I sometimes hesitate when I find that he is there,
When the incessant cries of the guitar and violin
Mercilessly drag out the truth for all to see my sin:
That he remains in me, and I am unwilling to share.

His red flower still gathers the crinkles in my hair,
Sliding down with each ruffle that I whisk through the air.
My body remembers the caress of his fingertips on my skin
For on the stage there is no end to our love affair.

I raise my heart to the heavens and begin my prayer:
Floreos fervently flick away remnants of my despair,
I stomp and twist to release the demon deep within,
Hear the rain of hair pins smatter the floor as I spin
Only to open my eyes and see that he is everywhere,
For on the stage there is no end to our love affair.


A New Phase in My Writing Experience

This year, I’m rediscovering writing.  Writing creatively, that is, and using writing to explore and understand the world around me.  Last week, I decided to stop pursuing jobs, and start pursuing a vocation.  I woke up on a Friday and instead of wanting to go to work, I wanted to write.  I wanted to sit down  at my desk at 6 am, coffee brewing, fingers on the keyboard, ready to go.  I didn’t want to go into any office or go to any meeting – I simply wanted to write.

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