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This week’s Indie Ink Challenge comes from Catherine at Creative Cat. The challenge:

“Begin your story with, ‘I wish someone told me…'”

This prompt made me think of regrets. I tried to think of a character and scenario in which I could apply this, but found myself looking back at Melissa circa 2008/09. I had loads of regret then. I still regret spending so much money on an education, but I’m trying to make the best out of the experience and grow from it. It’s definitely more of a rant than a story, but hopefully it’ll give some insight as to why I wish someone told me many things before I embarked on the career/job.

Please feel free to comment or leave feedback. Thanks again to Creative Cat for the challenge.


I wish someone told me to redline using Workshare instead of Word’s track changes. Apparently, my document with its track changes crashed Partner Asshole’s computer and now he’s pissed. He should be counseling a multi-million dollar client instead of wasting his time telling me what to do. Good job, first-year associate!

I wish someone told Partner Asshole to jerk off before coming to work. That could relieve some tension, possibly add a few years to his life, and maybe – just maybe – make me a little less suicidal or homicidal.

I wish someone told those execs at Company X how to sign documents. Above your name, right next to the sticky arrow that says “Sign Here.” It would save me a lot of time trying to track you down at Nobu at 1 a.m. to get it right.

I wish someone told me what to do about this insomnia.  I could have slept for four hours last night, but kept wondering if I got all those damn signature pages!

I wish someone told me I’d probably need blow at some point. I’ve had two Venti Americanos this morning and am about to crack open a Red Bull. I’ve popped a couple of Excedrin for this incessant migraine; need more.

I wish someone told me that any job requiring you to check your Crackberry every hour is not a job you want to have.

I wish someone told me a Chanel bag, Mackage coat, and pair of Manolos aren’t worth it.


You can check out A Lil Irish Lass’s response to my challenge. Want to join in on the fun? Click here for more info on the Indie Ink Challenge. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!


This Recession’s “New” Entry Level

A new person started working today at one of my jobs. A lovely, demure young woman, who was educated in NY and abroad. She has worked in various government organizations and non-profits, published in a scholarly journal and enjoys researching new developments in her practice area.

Yet, like me, she is also working for no pay. Unable to find a job after receiving her LLM, she is now interning at two organizations to gain experience that will hopefully, one day, get her a paid position.

There was an article on CNN today on how internships have become the new entry level jobs. The article mistakenly limits this new trend to those fresh out of college. Unfortunately, the internship has become the new entry level for many folks, including those with advanced degrees and career-changers. In this recession, where the employer has all the leverage, there are thousands of people willing to take non-paying jobs just to get a foot in the door, have some experience to put on their resumes, or simply have something to do besides sitting at home sulking about the lack of job opportunities. Continue reading

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