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This Recession’s “New” Entry Level

A new person started working today at one of my jobs. A lovely, demure young woman, who was educated in NY and abroad. She has worked in various government organizations and non-profits, published in a scholarly journal and enjoys researching new developments in her practice area.

Yet, like me, she is also working for no pay. Unable to find a job after receiving her LLM, she is now interning at two organizations to gain experience that will hopefully, one day, get her a paid position.

There was an article on CNN today on how internships have become the new entry level jobs. The article mistakenly limits this new trend to those fresh out of college. Unfortunately, the internship has become the new entry level for many folks, including those with advanced degrees and career-changers. In this recession, where the employer has all the leverage, there are thousands of people willing to take non-paying jobs just to get a foot in the door, have some experience to put on their resumes, or simply have something to do besides sitting at home sulking about the lack of job opportunities. Continue reading


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