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This week’s Indie Ink Challenge comes from RunawaySentence. The challenge:

“eggshell skull”

An eggshell skull is a legal doctrine that basically means you take your victim as you find him or her.  As I was brainstorming a response to this prompt, I kept getting tied up in the rules that would apply to an eggshell skull-type scenario. Finally I just decided to write in a stream of consciousness – it was the only way I could forget the rules.

I don’t know how I feel about my response. I do think there would be a lot less bullying if we showed more compassion and paid closer attention to the people around us.

Please feel free to comment or leave feedback. Thanks again to RunawaySentence for the challenge.


I didn’t’ kill her. Yeah, I made fun of her, but everyone did. Her clothes were torn and raggedy. She had some fucked up teeth, but she walked around like she was the shit. We put her in her locker once, but that was only for a few seconds. I think maybe Kathy hit her once in the bathroom. She showed up at Amanda’s party last month and tried to kiss Jason. He pushed her away, of course. I mean, who would want to touch her skanky ass anyway? But I wasn’t gonna let her disrespect me. So yeah, I waited for her after school, and I kicked her ass. And then I did it again. But she deserved it, you know. She’d been slutting it up all year and nobody did anything about it. Some of my girls even warned her, but she wouldn’t listen.  And you know what, when she wasn’t whoring, she was just moping around school. Eating by herself, listening to emo shit, fucking feeling sorry for herself. She was a Debbie Downer.  I mean, yeah, I saw her cry a few times, but I wasn’t going to run up to her and be her fucking best friend. She had issues; that’s not my problem. I didn’t push her off that building. She did that.


You can check out Joelyn‘s blog for her response to my challenge. Want to join in on the fun? Click here for more info on the Indie Ink Challenge. Thanks for reading, and happy writing!


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