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Getting Ready for VONA 2011

Tonight, I’m flying out to California, a few days before I start my residency with M. Evelina Galang at the Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation. I’ll spend a week at Berkeley with other writers of color working to develop their craft.

I am very excited to get guidance and feedback from Ms. Galang. She has a strong connection to her roots and to the challenges faced by Filipina women. I’ve found that my WIP and other shorter works focus on the women in my life, their struggles, and the impact their Peruvian heritage and culture has on their decisions.

While my writing isn’t exclusively limited to these themes, my WIP has taken on a life of its own. Unlike some of my other work, I feel very much compelled to see it through to the end. I’m sure other writers have felt like this before – the characters and the story demand to be told, and the telling of it is really beyond our control. I hope this upcoming week will help strengthen not only the story, but my ability to tell it.

I’ll keep you all posted! In the meantime, happy writing!


Hitting 20,000

This might not seem like much, but it really is a major milestone for me.

I just completed 20,000+ words on the WIP! I wrote 1,514 words today, and managed to hit the 20,000+ mark. There will be some major editing in the future, but I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share…now time for a much deserved break 🙂

Aspiring Writers Pledge

This morning, the awesome Rebecca Clare Smith tweeted about an interesting promise she made on her blog. The pledge: to write a book in 2011. It’s a great way to support yourself and other writers on the road from aspiring to published author.

The Aspiring Writers Pledge: From aspiring writer to novelist in 2010

I, Melissa R, take The Aspiring Writers Pledge to write a book in 2011 with the intent of publishing. I promise to update my progress weekly, ask when I need support and encourage others to complete the task at hand

I promise to update my blog weekly with how I tackle writing obstacles along the way to completing the WIP. I’ll continue to take on and post smaller projects – contests, challenges, etc. – that keep my creative juices flowing. And every writer needs tips/advice/support along the way. Why not take the pledge, too?

So, who’s with me?

“If you are ready to join in and make a promise (or at least really try), join me – feel free to join in whenever you are ready. I would really love to see would-be authors who have yet to publish but anyone who needs that boost should join us. Please, take this seriously and post the following in your blog, linking back to this post.

I, ______________, take The Aspiring Writers Pledge to write a book in 2011 with the intent of publishing. I promise to update my progress weekly, ask when I need support and encourage others to complete the task at hand.

Again, copy and paste this post in your blog (or Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and link back to this post. Be sure to subscribe or become a follower here as well and then comment to introduce yourself so others can start following your blog as well.

And, don’t forget to add this badge to your blog as well.

This is our journey from aspiring writers to novelist in 2011.”

Thanks to Liz H. Allen for kicking off the pledge and inspiring others to keep on writing!

Cheating on the WIP

The WIP and I became a couple on March 1st. It had seduced me with its come-hither gaze and promises of a lively, entertaining life together.

Needless to say, the love affair hasn’t gone all that well. Granted, we’ve only been together for, what, three weeks? You wouldn’t expect trouble in paradise this early, but the WIP can be draining and demanding. He wants a piece of me on a daily basis, and he wants it at night when I really should be in bed with my husband. He wants our rendezvous to be imaginative, fun, and lengthy, while I fight the urge to park my ass on the couch and channel surf. He gives me great highs: I go to places I’ve never been to before with him. But sometimes, the WIP bores me. And so, I’ve started cheating. Continue reading

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