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Cheating on the WIP

The WIP and I became a couple on March 1st. It had seduced me with its come-hither gaze and promises of a lively, entertaining life together.

Needless to say, the love affair hasn’t gone all that well. Granted, we’ve only been together for, what, three weeks? You wouldn’t expect trouble in paradise this early, but the WIP can be draining and demanding. He wants a piece of me on a daily basis, and he wants it at night when I really should be in bed with my husband. He wants our rendezvous to be imaginative, fun, and lengthy, while I fight the urge to park my ass on the couch and channel surf. He gives me great highs: I go to places I’ve never been to before with him. But sometimes, the WIP bores me. And so, I’ve started cheating. Continue reading


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