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“Writer’s Block – Sent with Love from [____]”

This is my first week participating in the IndieInk Writing Challenge. This week’s challenge comes from Karla V. over at Tot Thoughts. The challenge: I find a package on my doorstep one morning with a note that says, “Writer’s Block – sent with love from ____.” Only I can see who sent it. So what does my character do with the package, and who sent it? Find out after the jump. Continue reading


Stumped: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Earlier this month, I decided to dedicate all of March to writing. Whether an article, blog post, bite-sized copy, or free writing, I simply wanted to flex my otherwise atrophied writing muscle. I set a goal: complete the first draft of a manuscript by the end of the month.

It’s now March 15, and I’m nowhere near the completion of a first draft.

I have scenes laid out on index cards (a great technique Robert Olen Butler describes in his book From Where You Dream).  I wrote out the first scene. And then a couple of days later, started the next.  And then…and then I was stuck.  I think reality set in – I wasn’t going to have a first draft by the end of the month.  I have bills to pay, and come April, I’d need to start looking for work, and then, when would I write?  These thoughts permeated through every crevice of my being, and instead of focusing on the draft, I focused on “real life” issues.

I was stuck.

After kicking myself a few times for not being more productive, I decided it was okay not to write.  Once I did, the world seemed to open up with inspiration. Continue reading

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